The course outlines below give you a flavour of the variety of coaching and training on Australia we offer. We will work with you to tailor a bespoke program directly targeting your organisation’s needs.

Culturally ready for doing business in Australia
Introduction to small business set-up in Australia

An overview of Australian business culture and techniques to support you to build rapport in Australian business settings. You will understand why relationships alone are not enough when working in Western countries and why Western societies value "under-promising and over-delivering".

This course provides the fundamentals required to get started in the small business space in Australia. The course provides an overview of the key components to consider and also includes practical strategies that can be implemented immediately. The course serves as an Introduction to the ‘Setting up a small business in Australia: two-day intensive program.’

The 7 deadly sins  that impact productivity and profitability in Australian businesses - an introduction to Lean Six Sigma
Foreign direct investments in Australia, regulatory framework and transaction structures

This course provides an overview of the complex Australian legislation regulating foreign direct investments in Australia. The course will enable you to assess whether your proposed investment must be notified to the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) and will give you an understanding of the notification and review process.


In addition, this course will outline transaction structures commonly adopted by foreign investors when buying an Australian company or business.  The facilitators share their experiences from recent transactions involving multinational companies investing into Australia.

This course introduces the concepts of Lean Six Sigma and explains how to apply the key Lean Six Sigma principles of ‘Value Add’ and ‘Waste’ to customer satisfaction, business growth and financial outcomes. The course increases awareness of Lean Six Sigma concepts and tools. Executives will gain an understanding of the link between Lean Six Sigma and Customer Satisfaction and Profitability.

Strategic management and corporate governance in Australia: a course for senior managers

An introduction into the senior managerial and executive scene in Australia with focus on Australian corporate governance, board strategy and strategic management considerations. This course provides a framework for corporate governance, the role of the executive or strategic manager, interactions with a local board and local benchmarks for governance.

Human resources risk management in Australia, strategies for prevention and cost containment


An introduction into the sources of human resources risk, and the interaction between leadership, employee engagement and organisational risk in an Australian context. This course highlights potential areas of significant organisational cost in human resources risk, and strategies for reducing this.

Presenting to the media in Australia
Presenting with confidence in Australia

The course reveals the expectations of Australian audience. The course will show you how to tell stories so Australians want to listen to you and how to sell your expertise in a way that Australians will respect. You will get one-on-one coaching and personal feedback.  You will learn how to position yourself as a leader, control nervousness and know your message when speaking in Australia. 

The idea of presenting to the media in an unfamiliar culture is daunting to any business leader or executive. This workshop guides you through working effectively with the media to reach your audience through television, radio or newspaper. You will learn how to convey strategic, clear and succinct messages, bring your work to life, and deal with difficult questions. On completion, you’ll present in a way that resonates, engages and connects.

Selling successfully in Australia

The course introduces how sales techniques have evolved in Australia and what customers are looking for. You will learn questioning techniques, and how to establish yourself as an industry authority. You will also develop your thought leadership and position yourself as an equal in negotiations. 


The course outlines below give you a flavour of the variety of coaching and training on Asia we offer. We will work with you to tailor a bespoke program directly targeting your organisation’s needs.

Culturally ready for doing business in China
An assured method of marketing and selling to Chinese businesses

An overview of Chinese business culture and how to master social protocol for success. You will understand the concept of "Guanxi" and the crucial network of relationships, and learn to stay objective when presented with Chinese values and beliefs that differ from those commonly found in Australia.

The course will enable you to expand your sales to Asian property buyers. You will learn how to appoint, manage and motivate a multicultural team. You’ll get an understanding of the cross-cultural road blocks and how to close a deal. Our coaches offer advice on overcoming objections, helping you achieve a swifter successful close

Multicultural team building
Building business relationships in the
Asia Pacific region

This course helps organisations achieve greater levels of cooperation between team members from different cultures, leading to higher levels of engagement and productivity. The facilitator will give you tools to help you and your team develop understanding and empathy for newly-recruited team members from different cultural backgrounds. This helps reduce the amount of time needed for transition and enables new team members to realise their potential quickly.


From the new team member’s perspective, we can assist them to develop cultural awareness and flexibility, to help in joining a team comprised of people from unfamiliar cultural backgrounds. This module will work to lessen conflict and blame as well as increase creativity and problem solving

We give executives the confidence they need to build their influence and successfully expand into the Asia Pacific market. This course will provide your team with the tools to navigate an often complex maze of decision makers. You will learn how to read the highly context-based communication styles prevalent in Asia and appreciate different negotiation styles. At completion, you’ll have the ability build rapport quickly with Asian clients and partners.


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