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Australia China Business & Innovation Centre (ACBIC)  was launched by Australia Asia Executive Center (AAEC) in Sydney, Australia. AAEC specializes in cross-cultural corporate training.


As a cross-border integration service platform, ACBIC provides a one-stop integrated service for enterprises in both China and Australian markets.  ACBIC focuses on building the four major hubs:

1. A one-stop integrated service provider of Trade and Investment; 2. Research and Development; 3. Incubation Services and 4. Education Services.


We aim to provide an all-round, full-range chain of quality Incubation services。 We attract and screen outstanding business projects and provide various individualized consulting and landing services. We organize promotion of events, seminars, entrepreneurship competitions and counselling to gather international talents and entrepreneurs.


* When you attend our events, you acknowledge that we may take photos or recordings of you throughout your participation. We may use photos and/or recordings for future promotional and marketing purposes without further permissions or consultation. 

Cross-cultural Mentoring & Coaching

Provide a strategic competitive advantage through executive coaching, consulting and tailored business solutions.

Cross-cultural Communication

Keep businesses updated with regulatory changes and market trend to support business expansion.

Delegation Care & Events

Explore opportunities to promote business brands in an international environment. 

Office Support

Ongoing administrative support through pre-investment setup and operational stages of expansion cycle including government grants.