Our Team
Judy Hendricks
Executive Director

Having over 20 years of corporate experience in both Australia and China, Judy strives to support and promote cultural exchange and business partnerships in the Asia-Pacific region. She has extensive business banking experience and a degree in International Politcs and Journalism and is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.


She has honed her cross-cultural business sense by helping businesses grow in an ever-changing commercial landscape. She founded AAEC with Dr. Xiaoli Sang with the purpose of building a platform that will connect executives and business leaders globally.

Vic Edwards

Principal Consultant

Vic has extensive industrial and academic experience navigating the Asia-Pacific business landscape and has many refereed publications. He recently co-authored the textbook by Timothy W Kock et al. on "Bank Management - A Decision-Making Perspective" (2014, Asian Edition, published by Cengage Learning).


He is currently a Visiting Fellow at University of New South Wales and is the former Director of their Asia Pacific Financial Research Centre. Born in Shanghai and educated in Australia, he has coached top businesses in China and Australia and regularly appears on television media to provide his business insight.


He joined AAEC to equip businesses with the best skills and knowledge to pilot the global frontier.

Darren Fleming

Sales and Presentation Consultant

Darren has spent the last decade transforming business leaders into highly effective speakers. He has worked with some of Australia’s most influential leaders from some of Australia’s most well known organizations’, to managers and staff that have all wanted to learn confidence and control when speaking.


He joined AAEC to take speakers from “nervous and boring to confident and interesting, from dull and lifeless to captivating and inspiring.”


Samantha Chambers

 Careers Consultant

Samantha is a business transition coach, mentor, trainer, writer and speaker who has worked at global brands such as PriceWaterhouse Coopers and Qantas. 


She is passionate about encouraging others to work smarter not harder,  focus on their strengths and be creative and innovative which has culminated in her own training and consulting business that helps organizations drive their business strategies and people engagement. She is the author of the book "Ditch The Ladder: Escape the Corporate Trap". 

Eva Ho

 PR Consultant

Eva is a Senior Consultant for Leadership and Success Ltd in charge of conducting bi-lingual training modules (Chinese and English). She is a renowned as "The Empress of Public Relationsh" across China.


She is an accomplished simultaneous translator and protocol officer that has received numerous Heads of State including President Bill Clinton and President of Portugual.




Angelbaby LiuChen

 Events Consultant

Angelbaby is a public relations specialist based in Sydney and presents her expertise of media relations, government relations, client relations in Australia-China business, NGOs, media and events.


She is now the PR executive for Domain (Chinese version), Australian Chinese Primary Industry Council, The Australian International Golf Association and Global CAMG Media Group. 



Laura Mattiazzi
Banking and Finance Consultant

Laura specializes in facilitating inbound capital investments into Australian agriculture and has extensive business banking experience in credit, risk settings and deal structures. She recognizes the importance of recent developments in the free trade agreements signed with Japan, South Korea and China to a range of Australian industries such as property, rural and health.


She is expected to join the panel at "The Global Food Forum" for 2016 along with media coverage on key topics. 

Dr Xiaoli Sang
Executive Director

Xiaoli has over 10 years of experience as a consultant, researcher and lecturer in the Asia-Pacific region. She conducts cutting-edge consultation in close collaboration with esteemed business scholars in the UK, China, Australia and New Zealand. She holds a PhD in Management (UNSW) and Msc in Organizational Psychology from Manchester University.


She founded AAEC with Judy Hendricks to ensure that businesses and executives hone their global potential through world-class coaching programs.


Sally-Anne Gaunt

Cultural Intelligence Consultant

Having vast experience gained from years of living and working in Australia and Asia, Sally Anne is a master facilitator who uses real life examples to engage an appreciation for cultural differences. She has a Masters of Asian Studies and vast experience gained from years of living and working in Asia.


She joined AAEC to empower businesses with a realistic understanding of stakeholder mindset and how profitable businesses can flow in the Asia-Pacific region.

James Tong

Marketing and Communications Consultant

James is the CEO of Domain Chinese, he leads an ambitious team to deliver a high-end Australian property industry content that targets Chinese investors through a diverse multi-channel editorial platform encompassing print, web, mobile and tablet.


He is also the founder of Wexpo International an upcoming social media influencer in Australian real estate. He saw the power and potential of the Chinese social media leader, WeChat and has built a following of over 7000 follwers in the last 2 years.  WIth over 24 years experience in advertising and media he brings a wealth of knowledge to AAEC.


Lisa Goodhand

Digital Marketing Consultant

Lisa is a sole director of China Blueprint Pty Ltd, award-winning company that specializes in import, export and online marketing to China. she has studied, lived and worked in China.


Her fluency in Chinese language paved the way for a career in international law enforcement and trade, hands-on experience that enables her to provide clients with valuable insider knowledge gained over more than two decades.


Adrian Skeggs

Strategy Consultant

Adrian is a business accelerator and influencer focused on developing unique, innovative and highly credible methods to developing growth opportunities in business.


He is a prior representative of international sport, with exceptional relationship building and networking skills, and the ability to relate to people on all levels and maintains worldwide contacts. This is evident in his ability to identify new opportunities and capitalize on them. 

Stacey Martin

High Wealth Consultant

Stacey provides specialist wealth advisory services to high net worth individuals and families. As chair of NAB's Significant investor Visa (SIV), Inbound investors and Australian expatriates.


An Australian Institute of Company Directors graduate, Stacey was inaugural chair of Women in Finance NSW, and is the Founder of Expat Advisors Community. With a strong network of profressionals who work with those doing business internationally. Stacey can assist with strategic business connections and specialist banking, migration, international tax and legal providers.


Sonja Firth
Digital Marketing Consultant

Sonja has an eclectic background in digital marketing, human resources and business management. She is Director of ‘Business Influencer’, a digital marketing and social media consultancy in Sydney.


Sonja trains individuals and organisations on using LinkedIn as an online branding tool and for targeting online marketing. She has worked with hundreds of individuals and businesses from a range of industries including professional services, banking, speakers and entrepreneurs. 

Claire Pisani
Cultural Consultant

Claire is the founder of Culture Confidence. Her overarching expertise is advocating cross-cultural communication, promoting expectation management and maximising value in cross-cultural business environments. She has experience in various corporate sectors including the media, personal finance and entertainment, with managerial roles involving project management, financial reporting and business development.


Over the last 15 years Claire has worked with individuals and teams from China, India, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Thailand with a firm interest in Chinese-Australian relations. Claire holds an Education Bachelor’s degree and an MBA.

Australia Asia Executive Center

Our philosophy at AAEC is to enhance communication between business leaders and industry specialists who are pursuing expansion across the Asia-Pacific. We act as a cross-cultural network for businesses with aligned goals, creating connections with tangible outcomes.

AAEC has combined modern theory and practice within our evolutionary programs to help develop expansion strategies and unlock client potential to shape a culturally-connected framework for your business.


Whether you are looking to build your global profile, gain local insight, or access networks, AAEC will provide you with a comprehensive program tailored to meet your objectives.


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